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1. Search – find out if you are the first one to think of your idea

2. Prepare – create clear, detailed drawings and text about your idea with our tools

3. File – format your files correctly and file them electronically with the US Patent and Trademark Office

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Patent problem:

Getting a patent is too complicated, confusing & expensive.

Our solution:

We guide you every step of the way, with clear information and without jargon. Select your patent package to get started.

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Patent problem:

I don’t know what I need – a patent, or something else?

Our solution:

We provide an introductory consulting package to help you decide exactly what you need to protect your valuable idea.

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Patent problem:

I’m afraid someone has taken my idea.

Our solution:

Our patent search package will help you find whether someone else has already gotten a patent for your idea.

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Why patents – why now?

1. If you don’t protect your idea with a patent, someone else could file first – blocking you.

2. Make your ideas work twice as hard – patents increase the value of your company.

3. You can use your patent for attack or defense.

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